Friday, July 1, 2016

A NEW way to celebrate 4th of July!!

        July 4th is a national holiday that I have always enjoyed. It helps me to remember the birthing of our great nation and experience something I have always enjoyed…fireworks! Loud fireworks! Big beautiful blue, green, red, and white fireworks!
        In years gone by, my Father would take me and the rest of my family to see fireworks set off at the end of Santa Monica Pier. I loved it!  As I grew older I also had a pretty good seat at Westchester Park near the Los Angeles International Airport. Then in 1976, when I moved my family here to the Santa Clarita Valley, I was able to sit on the hood of my car near Placerita Jr. High and watch the fireworks set off from Hart park.
        I enjoyed all of these individual experiences throughout my life time. But the one thing they all had in common was that I always found myself far away from the action- two blocks over and away from launch or bundled up and viewing the spectacle from Palisades Park bluffs in Santa Monica. Some may ask, “Are these the only events that you have attended?” I would answer… “Probably not, but they are the ones that are most memorable.”
        That is until I became involved with the fireworks show at Richard Rioux Park in Stevenson Ranch. I contend there is no place better place in the Santa Clarita Valley to view a better fireworks display. See the beauty of their various colors, feel the concussions rock the earth, hear the deafening explosions, and smell the exploding powder. I have been involved in this great event for seventeen years. Our church has donated thousands of soft drinks and water bottles; and sold enough glow necklaces to keep the company in business. The atmosphere is kick-back, family orientated with a live band. Traffic is well directed for easy in and out.
         If you and your family are looking for a great way to conclude this year’s 4th of July, I invite you to join me at Richard Rioux Park. Gates open at 6:00 pm. Bring a blanket, beach chairs, munchies, family and friends. The fireworks normally begin at 9:00 pm with a traditional sing along of “American Pie” by Don McClean. We then settle in to enjoy a memorable, loud, earth-rocking fireworks display. Hope to see you there!


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