Friday, April 7, 2017

Breakthrough's in Brokeness

This past Sunday, Pastor Dan spoke on the Song of Breakthrough. Looking at Acts 16:16-28, we read through the well-known story of Paul and Silas being thrown into prison and the prison gates being miraculously opened. The turning point to this story is in verse 25: “About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and signing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.” It was through their praying and worship that allowed them to step out of the way and for God to bring freedom.

As I reflect back on the sermon this week, I’m reminded of my recent season of pain and struggling. I struggled through every emotion from hopelessness to bargaining with God, trying to find the results that I so desired. What I realized from this passage was that I was putting myself in the Savior’s role of bringing breakthrough, but my role was to simply to sing. The imagery used was like a jet plane breaking through the sound barrier. There is a jolt that is required to travel at the speed of sound. That jolt is the song of breakthrough. When I chose to worship God through that trial, it was then that I could find joy and God brought healing, freedom and breakthrough.

Many times, we try to fix situations by our own abilities, putting ourselves in the Savior’s role. I think that’s when we see the greatest frustration and disappointment because it’s never enough to see the true freedom we desire. Following the example of Paul and Silas, we can find

our new role as we sing and pray to the Lord because He is the one that will be breakthrough.

--Pastor Rachel Luu

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